"Your Source for Top Quality Seafood from the Pristine Atlantic Ocean catering to your Business or Palate Needs."

TV Fish Inc. is a family run seafood business owned and operated by the Oram family. The Orams have been in the seafood business for over 40 years. They pride themselves in supplying quality products worldwide. The supply of fish are mainly harvested from the cold pristine waters of the North Atlantic.

Over the many years, the main focus has been on the sale of frozen cooked snow crab, frozen male and female capelin, live-frozen eel, frozen mackerel, frozen herring, frozen turbot, salted cod, cod fillets and sea urchin roe (uni).

In recent and going forward, the company plans to offer a line of value added products, such as cod and salmon cake sliders, cod and crab au gratins and other Newfoundland and Labrador speciality products that are waiting to be exploited to major markets around the world.